INK PAN Washing machine is used for cleanning ink pan, doctor blade holder etc. printing parts.
Main Features:
1. The whole machine adopts the design of double tank (cleaning tank +   
rinsing tank) and filter box, which integrates the functions of ultrasonic cleaning, water rinsing, inspection blow-dry and sediment filtering.
2. Push and pull type clean hanging basket, realizes the material to take and put easily;
3. Full immersion cleaning method to achieve 360° no dead Angle cleaning, clean thoroughly;
4. Super capacity: 4 sets of printing press ink tray, scraper frame and accessories can be cleaned at the same time with high efficiency.
5. Liquid storage tank is designed separately, with maintenance-free filtering function, which can collect oil and sediment, with compact structure, small occupation area and high space utilization;
6. The cleaning medium is water-based solvent, without irritating odor, not easy to volatilize, and not flammable.