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YUBO international co.,ltd. is one of the main global suppliers for rotogravure cylinder making and printing packaging industry .We are specialized in rotogravure cylinder making machines and consumables for many years, Our products are very popular in China and overseas, the mainly customers in China including Shanxi Yuncheng plate-making group and its subsidiaries, which is the biggest plate-making group all over the world.
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 Cylinder Making Machine
  Eletric-plating equipment
  Grinding Machine
  Copper Polishing Machine
  Chrome Polishing Machine
  Proofing Machine

 Consumable Material

  Diamond Stylus
  Burr cutter & Sliding shoe
  Rough & Fine cutter
  Grinding stone
  Sand Belt
  Rubber sealed circle

 Rotogravure printing machinery

  Rotograving Printing Machine
  Dry Lamination Machine
  Slitting Machine