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  Proofing machine is especially designed for rotogravure cylinders. The machine not only has the economical and practical features of Japanese style, but also changes the car-tridge movement from roller linear bearings to linear rail, it solves the non-synchronization problem of cartridge forwarding and backing of some patternmakers, particularly local patternmakers. The electrical improvement makes the operation more easier and effective


High efficiency : highly integrated module enhance the automation, increasing the efficiency by 20%-30%.
High performance printing :the pressure between cartridge and roller, accumulator system has been improved greatly, making it possible for more than 5% dotting to print.
The adjustment of cartridge stroke, open & close of tail parts can be controlled automatically. And the cartridge and roller is kept in the same horizontal line, preventing the swing problem.
Technical Parameters

Cylinder length


Cylinder diameter


Net Printing Effect

More than 5%


3450mm x 1825mm x 1200mm