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  Chrome polishing machine is our new brand models based on the advantages of other brand, innovative design, which can design according to customer’s requirement.
Machine Model including:
  1.Double guide rail model: Tailstock and polishing head move by parallel rail, which fit for the heavy cylinder with length more than 1700mm.
  2.Cantilever Model: Tailstock and polishing head run in one rail, the movement rail is one level, which fit for light cylinder with length less than 1700mm.
  3.Improved Model: Tailstock move on horizontal rail, polishing head move on vertical rail, which fit for light cylinder with length less than 1700mm.
  1.Steel welded framework with high performance, improve the rigidity of equipment and ?reduce vibration.
  2.Intelligent. Touch-screen interface, PLC control, built-in program, which reduce manual operation and improve work efficiency.
  3.Cylinder, grinding head, tailstock movement frequency control and improve efficiency.
  4.Automatic lubrication function. Guide rail and other key parts have self-lubricating function, which makes the machine service life more long, to avoid artificial fuel not given timely, which result in the premature damage of the guide rail.

Technical Parameters

Cylinder length


Cylinder diameter


Cylinder rotation speed


Polishing head moving speed


Electric power



3100mm x 1500mm x 1400mm