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   Copper grinding machine adopts scientific design, advanced concepts, take into account both practical and efficient for customer, and improves machine life. After research and improvements for many times, we can make the machine run more smoothly, more accurate. The main components are high quality from overseas and domestic, waterproof and corrosion prevention are integrated, so as to improve service life of the machine.
  Copper grinding machines include single inclined head and double inclined head grinding machine.
  Each type can be made to automatic and manual type. Automatic double inclined head grinding machine adopt touch-screen man-machine interface, PLC control, rough grinding and fine grinding can be completed one time , which can save time, labor, improve work efficiency about 30% -60%.
  1. Box-welded main frame ensure the equipment strength and avoid distortion, improve the mechanical shock resistance.
  2. Intelligent. Touch-screen man-machine interface, PLC control, built-in program, which will reduce manual operation and improve equipment efficient. Cylinder, grinding head, and tailstock movement frequency control to improve efficiency.
  3. Self-lubricating function. Guide rail and other key parts have self-lubricating function, which makes the machine service life more long, to avoid artificial fuel not given timely, which result in the premature damage of the guide rail.
Technical Parameters


Cylinder Length Range (mm)

Cylinder Diameter Range (mm)

Double Head Automatic



Double Head Manual

Single Head Automatic

Single Head Manual