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GFQ series Automatic Photoelectric Slitting Machine
The machine owns satisfactory performance with photoelectric tracking, automatic offset correction, tension control, wind counting, microcomputer control etc. It is an easy operating, steady and reliable running. It is ideal equipment in slitting and shearing all kinds of plastic film, real paper, aluminum foil, chemical fiber.
a. Max. winding material width: 1300mm
b. Max. releasing diameter: f600mm
c. Max. receiving diameter: f420mm
d. Max. slitting and shearing speed: &nbs;160m/min
e.Slitting and shearing width: 20-1250mm
f. Offset correction accuracy: ±0.25mm
g. Motor power: 2.2kw
h. Fan power: 370W/380V
i. Weight: 1800kg
j. Overall dimensions: (length x width x height) 2500x1450x1380mm