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Main technical data
◆Lami. Width:600-1250mm
◆Lami. Speed:168-200m/min
◆1st unwind reel dia:Φ800mm
◆2nd unwind reel dia:Φ800mm
◆Rewind reel dia:Φ1000mm
◆Glue roller dia:Φ186mm
◆Coating volume:3-8g/m2
◆Laminating material:film, alfoil, paper, etc
Main features
◆Five –section tension control in the whole machine
◆Anilox roller glues quantificationally.
◆Backpressure laminating roller structure can ensure even pressure on the whole web.
◆Active cooling roller can avoid tension changing.
◆Glue distributing in big speed difference can improve the transparency of the web.
◆All-close double ovens, three-section automatic constant temperatures control.
◆Independent driving and close-loop tension control systems
◆Zero speed difference changing reel, stable tension and low rejects.
◆EPC edge position control system can guarantee web edges tidy.
◆Heat can be second used and waste air will not enter air circulation.