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APPLICATION: This machine is a continuous printing in many colors to used for the BOPP, PVC, PE, NY with paper etc.web material primarily, is a plastics film color packing, every kind of wrapping paper, water pine paper etc. packs the elegant and printed and ideal equipments in material
Computer automatic color, import the computer picture surveillance;
Import seven electrical motor amount of vector frequency conversation closed loop tension control system;
8 roots leading roller lengthens the oven,the last printing unit adopt longer double-oven ;
The dry system return to breeze two times, can use the electricity hot, steam, hot oil etc. various heatings methods, water-cooling device;
The pneumaic drawknife angle arbitrarily adjustable, the high speed do not shut down the machine to slit and exchange material;
Non-axis pneumatic prick load cylinder, pneumatic clutch press and print, having no friction when gas-float put the roller type tension monitors
Printing color number:8
Max printing width:1050mm
Max printing speed:160m/min
The highest speed of slitting and exchange web
Releasing diameter:±0.10mm
Receiving diameter:±0.10mm
Cylinder diameter:±0.10mm
Press force:0.6MPa
The accuracy of register:
Gas resource pressure:450kg/h(0.4MPa)
Dry way:The steam aridity uses the tolerance
Cool off to use the water measures:
The aridity uses the electricity when electricity heat
Host power:300Kw
Total power:366Kw 66Kw
Machine dimension:18150×3500×3350mm
Net weight:36000kg