Gravure Engraving acid copper plating additive
(hard, filled type)
1. Japanese formula of production, hardness can endure;
2. most suitable for engraving or e-corrosion plate;
3. filled capacity significantly improved, with an appropriate degree of scalability;
4. do not have a crystal tree, Ma, Au, such as stuffing;
5. can conduct high-current electroplating;
6. of the mixed reaction is not sensitive;
7. compatible with other additives to import or domestic;

25kg plastic barrels packaging, non-dangerous goods should be stored in a closed-Indoor!

Correction of fauits

Nature of defect

Possible cause

Treeings burnt deposit on edges

1.Low temperature

2.Excessive current density

3.Deficiency of metal or acid

4.Excess of LK-1

5.Deficiency of LK-2

6.Lack of anodes

7.Insufficient shield

Streaks on edges in extreme cases like a screw

1.Deficiency of chlorine ion

Weak brightness Mat deposit or streaks in the middle area

1.High temperature

2.Slow rate of deposition

3.Excess of LK-2

4.Deficiency of LK-1

5.Deficiency of acid

Rough granular or pitted deposit linear dented flaws

1.Insufficient grinding on the substrate

2.Insufficient filtration

3.Insufficient pretreatment

4.Insufficient strike

5.Ironic Contamination

6.Organic contamination

7.Insufficient quality of anodes

8.Excess of metal or acid

9.Falling of dust from carrier,hoist

10.Sons in upper tank

11.Insufficient Ballard

12.Excess off chlorine ion(granular deposit on high current density areas)

Deposit very hard in extreme cases brittle

1.Excess of LK-1

2.Deficiency of LK-2

Deposit too soft hardness changes in the time

1.Deficiency of LK-1

2.Excess of LK-2

Thickness is in-homogeneous or undulation

1. Insufficient arrangement of anode baskets

2.Lack of anodes

Current falls after the bath has been in use

1.Excess of metai

2.Extraordinary excess of chlorine ion

3.Lack of anodes

4.Low temperature

5.Insufficient circuits