Gravure or anilox Ultrasonic washing machine:

ACWM(auto cylinder washing machine) Automatic ultrasonic cylinder ink washing machine is a special model for the printing industry£¬which can fastly clean the printing cylinder, anilox rollers etc. by ultrasonic, which with automatic, environmentally friendly and efficient functions.

1.Smart washing, save worker, good quality, the result easy control.

2.0Widely use: ink cylinder washing, ink tank washing.

3.Deep cleaning the ink cell, undamaged the cylinder.

4.Special design: polishing head moveable.

5.Festo china provide pneumatic technology.

6.Siemens China provide technology, the plc,touch screen, inverter all are come from siemens.

Ink pan washing machine features:

1.The whole machine adopts the design of double tank (cleaning tank + rinsing tank) and filter box, which integrates the functions of ultrasonic cleaning, water rinsing, inspection blow-dry and sediment filtering.

2.Push and pull type clean hanging basket, realizes the material to take and put easily;

3. Full immersion cleaning method to achieve 360° no dead Angle cleaning, clean thoroughly;

4. Super capacity: 4 sets of printing press ink tray, scraper frame and accessories can be cleaned at the same time with high efficiency.

5. Liquid storage tank is designed separately, with maintenance-free filtering function, which can collect oil and sediment, with compact structure, small occupation area and high space utilization;

6. The cleaning medium is water-based solvent, without irritating odor, not easy to volatilize, and not flammable.