The electronic engraving machine is indispensable system used in gravure plate making. At present, it has been applied in making of printing rollers needed in plastic package, trademark, decoration, transfer printing, press printing etc, and has overcome shortcomings of traditional manual plate making, such as low precision and poor consistency, and has greatly improved production efficiency. The prints boast more saturated color, better gradation sense, and better definition.

By the way,the machine adopts advanced electrical controlling technology and software technology. It is a hi-tech system which integrates computer graphics process, electronic technology and control technology. Mechanical driving part of the equipment adopts products of Germany with complete servo control, which ensures high precision and high stability of operation of the equipment. Image processing and make-up system are developed according to actual needs of the plate-making factory and in line with latest software functions in the world; it boasts powerful function, simple and easy-to-operate interface.