Double-head copper grinding machine features:

1.Box-welded main frame ensure the equipment strength and avoid distortion,improve the mechanical shock resistance.
2.Intelligent.Touch-screen man-machine interface.PLC control,built-in program,which will reduce manual operation and improve equipment efficient.
3.Cylinder,grinding head,and tailstock movement frequency control to improve efficient.
4.Self-lubricating function.Guide rail and other key parts have self-lubricating function,which makes the machine service life more long,to avoid artificial fuel not given timely ,which result in the premature damage of the guide rail.

Three-head copper grinding machine features:

1.Our grinding head is a complete set of power heads,grinding head rotates more smoothly.
2.The angle of grinding head is 15 degrees,not the style of flat push,better for pressure control.
3.Movement mode:first cylinder work,then before and after screw move,the cylinder is pressed back and back to the signal,polishing head start work,move left and right.
4.The three head pressures all are adjustable and realized by an electric proportional valve.all the parameter can be set in the program.

Copper polishing machine features:

1.Steel welded framework with high performance,improve the rigidity of equipment and reduce vibration.
2.Full-closed cover can reduce environmental pollution.
3.Full-closed rail can reduce external pollution,to prevent dust entering rail,affecting rail precision.
4.Rail and other key operate parts can filling oil and lubrication,which can improve service life.
5.Scientific design,strong adsorption of dust,reducing plant pollution.